Super Rod Standard Set

  • Super Rod Standard Set
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This set is designed for professional installers who want a no-nonsense tool. It is capable of overcoming most day-to-day cable laying problems, particularly in smaller domestic and commercial installations.

The Standard Set contains the four must-have cable handling attachments and five metres of rod in two flexibilities. It is an inexpensive introduction to the benefits of Cable Rod.

The Standard Set contains:
  • 4 x 5mm x 1 metre GRP rods
  • 1 x 4mm x 1 metre GRP rod
  • 1 x Tuff Hook
  • 1 x Gender Changer
  • 1 x Domed Bullet
  • 1 x Mini Eye
  • 1 x Flexi Lead
  • 1 x Tough carry tube

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