MK Astral 1 Gang 6AX Fluorescent/LED Dimmer Module

  • MK Astral 1 Gang 6AX Fluorescent/LED Dimmer Module
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  • Brand: MK
  • Product Code: LFD51UC
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  • Up to 75m RF range (open field)
  • Can control 0-10V or 1-10V Analogue Dimmable Ballasts, (which are the source of the control voltage)
  • Can control either a group or scene
  • Can control to up to 5 devices in total
  • Maximum of 5 devices per control channel
  • Mains-powered
  • Astral holiday mode occupation simulation
  • For use with 1 Gang Dimmer Fascia
Suitable for use with the following load types and maximum load ratings only.
Suitable for use with fluorescent or LED lighting which is driven by separate 0/1-10V analogue dimmable control gear.
Suitable for use with 0/1-10V analogue dimmable ballasts operating in accordance with IEC60929 annex E.
Note: This product is only suitable for use with ballast which are the source of the control voltage.
Maximum rated load current: 6AX
Maximum number of ballasts per channel: 10
Not suitable with any other load type. Do not use different types of lamps on the same load current.

For more information about the MK Astral range, make sure you read this guide.

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MK Astral™, the advanced lighting system from MK Electric, brings out the best in your environment and is the ideal lighting and blind control solution if you are looking to enhance the ambience and atmosphere in any room or residence.

Providing sophisticated and inspirational lighting control, MK Astral™ is an extremely versatile and intelligent system, which incorporates the award winning Z-Wave® RF communications technology from Zensys (now part of Sigma Designs), ensuring the ultimate in both reliability and flexibility.

With the freedom to create the perfect lighting scenes for home or business environments, MK Astral™ is the obvious choice for those who value ease and confidence of operation.

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